Youth United for Community Action

Youth United for Community Action

"Locked out of the legal means of material survival, looked down upon by predatory politicians and police, left with the least relevant educational opportunities, talked at with contempt and not talked to with love-- is there any question why such youth are alienated?... 

They look at the lives they live and see not "civil rights progress", but a drumbeat of civil repression by a state at war with their dreams.

Why the surprise?

This is not the lost generation....

They are the children of the L.A. rebellion, the children of the MOVE bombing, the children of the Black Panthers, and the grandchildren of Malcolm; far from lost, they are probably the most aware generation since Nat Turner's; they are not so much lost as they are mislaid, discarded by this increasingly racist system that undermines their inherent worth. They are all potential revolutionaries, with the historical power to transform our dull realities.

If they are lost, find them." 

Mumia Abu Jamal -- Journalist, Black Panther, Political Prisoner



YUCA's 20th Anniversary Gala and Fundraiser

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

5pm - 8pm

Oshman Family Jewish Community Center

3921 Fabian Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Come out and celebrate YUCA's 20 years of developing young leaders of color, organizing the East Palo Alto community and making positive systemic change in the environmental and social justice movements. We are hosting a celebration dinner showcasing the last 20 years of our work by recognizing youth, community supporters, staff and funders who made it possible for us to arrive at this monumental point. It takes a lot of different relationships to build a movement, and our Gala will bring together a wide variety of members and friends (including you reading this, we hope!) to celebrate our past and support us into the future. We hope that you can celebrate with us as we venture into the next 20 years & work to TAKE OFFICE!

Featuring quality sports collectibles and memorabilia sports displays, courtesy of Sports Gallery Authenticated 

Evening address by District 6 Councilman Michael Tubbs

Presenting three Sundiata Acoli Freedom Awards

Acknowledgement of YUCA Founders and first Higher Learning cohort

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Following Obama's lead, from the Hood to Office!  San Mateo County Youth Commission Leaders, Kenia Najar, Gurjeet Chahal, and Juan Lopez. 

Following Obama's lead, from the Hood to Office!

San Mateo County Youth Commission Leaders, Kenia Najar, Gurjeet Chahal, and Juan Lopez. 

YUCA gave me the opportunity to tailor my future and include goals that will help my community. Prior to YUCA, I prescribed to the pathway of education and career, aiming to work for someone else’s dream. YUCA helped frame all of my experiences which allowed me to expand my path, my goals and open a door of ultimate possibilities.
— Juan Lopez, 18, YUCA Core Member since 2010

Introductory Remarks by Councilman Michael Tubbs

Michael Tubbs was elected as the youngest City Councilmember in Stockton, California’s history, earning more than 60% of the citywide vote. While in office Tubbs has established literacy programs in concert with the Housing Authority, and the University of the Pacific; drafted and passed Ban the Box legislation, allowing those previously convicted of a crime to apply for City jobs; piloted an anti-

recidivism, back to work program; and created community-wide coalition, such as the San Joaquin County Alliance for Boys and Men of Color, Reinvent South Stockton Coalition, and the Black Community Crusade. Click here to read Michael Tubbs full bio. 

Honoring our 2014 Award Recipents:

Sundiata Acoli Awardees: 

Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto

Charisse Domingo

Carlos Romero

YUCA Founders

First CoHort of the Higher Learning Program

Awards donated on behalf of Dreaming Mind

Featuring a Silent Auction Sponsored by Sports Gallery Authenticated

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Sponsorship Levels

President - $5,000

Senator - $1,000

Mayor - $500

Council Member- $250

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