Youth United for Community Action

Youth United for Community Action

"Locked out of the legal means of material survival, looked down upon by predatory politicians and police, left with the least relevant educational opportunities, talked at with contempt and not talked to with love-- is there any question why such youth are alienated?... 

They look at the lives they live and see not "civil rights progress", but a drumbeat of civil repression by a state at war with their dreams.

Why the surprise?

This is not the lost generation....

They are the children of the L.A. rebellion, the children of the MOVE bombing, the children of the Black Panthers, and the grandchildren of Malcolm; far from lost, they are probably the most aware generation since Nat Turner's; they are not so much lost as they are mislaid, discarded by this increasingly racist system that undermines their inherent worth. They are all potential revolutionaries, with the historical power to transform our dull realities.

If they are lost, find them." 

Mumia Abu Jamal -- Journalist, Black Panther, Political Prisoner





Ofelia Bello, Executive Director,

Ofelia was born and raised in East Palo Alto. She grew up in the Gardens and currently still lives in town. Ofelia is a graduate of the Ravenswood School District and Eastside College Prep. She earned her bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Barbara and a master’s degree from the University of San Francisco in Urban and Public Affairs. Ofelia enjoyed playing for the women's rugby team at both universities. 

Ofelia's previous professional experience has been in urban planning and public policy, specifically as it pertains to housing. She has also worked with grassroots organizations, coalitions and community members to address the community’s housing needs, with a specific focus on the needs of low-income, working class, and/or immigrant communities of color. As part of these collectives, Ofelia finds it necessary to work on on both short term and long terms strategies for achieving community stability and prosperity. She also currently serves as a full term planning commissioner in East Palo Alto.

When she's not working, Ofelia loves to spend time with her nieces and nephews, look for new foods to try, and visit music, arts, and film festivals!

Ofelia holds a M.A. in Urban and Public Affairs and B.A. in Sociology, Linguistics, History.


Kenia Miranda, Social Justice Program Director

Kenia Najar Miranda began as a core member with YUCA. She led numerous campaigns and social justice work as young person for 4 years before she went off to college at UC Santa Cruz. During her time at YUCA, she participated in the immigration campaign where her and other young people collected petitions for the California Dream Act, led Know Your Rights Presentations in the community, and sat on coalitions that worked in San Mateo County to stop referring young people and adults to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). While a youth organizer at YUCA, Higher Learning Components such as, political education workshops, toxic tours, breaking silences- inspired her to obtain a degree in sociology and Latin American and Latino Studies.

Her passion to resist inequality and injustice comes from growing up in a unique place like East Palo Alto. YUCA and UC Santa Cruz established a revolutionary consciousness that she will carry with her indefinitely.

Kenia is grateful to be back, and thrilled to instill the same passion that was passed down to her in other young people of color. Kenia will be leading as our Social Justice and Equity Program Director, guiding YUCA young people through pressing social justice issues.

Kenia holds a B.A. in Sociology & Latin American and Latino Studies.

“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all

the time” - Angela Davis