Youth United for Community Action

Youth United for Community Action

"Locked out of the legal means of material survival, looked down upon by predatory politicians and police, left with the least relevant educational opportunities, talked at with contempt and not talked to with love-- is there any question why such youth are alienated?... 

They look at the lives they live and see not "civil rights progress", but a drumbeat of civil repression by a state at war with their dreams.

Why the surprise?

This is not the lost generation....

They are the children of the L.A. rebellion, the children of the MOVE bombing, the children of the Black Panthers, and the grandchildren of Malcolm; far from lost, they are probably the most aware generation since Nat Turner's; they are not so much lost as they are mislaid, discarded by this increasingly racist system that undermines their inherent worth. They are all potential revolutionaries, with the historical power to transform our dull realities.

If they are lost, find them." 

Mumia Abu Jamal -- Journalist, Black Panther, Political Prisoner



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Community-Wide Workshop re: General Plan








Does the idea of reading through a 240 page document make you want to fall asleep?! Yea, we thought it might! But have no fear, we've already done it! And we've summarized everything that you want to know about it! Why? Because we love and care about our community and whatever we can do to support YOU- we're down! 


What: A Workshop to help walk you through what the general plan says our community wants for our future! 

When: March 11th at 6pm

Where: TBD

Who: YOU! 

Earlier Event: February 29
West Side Advisory Committee Meeting (EPA)